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Thursday, May 20, 2010
Google I/O is over and we were presented with a lot of new stuff in details that we heard of during almost a year - Android 2.2 and Google TV. The stuff is promising, but mostly for consumers and not for business.We personally were hoping to see more business oriented solutions targeting small businesses. Google Apps were a great start in this direction, but we didn't get anything new in this field for years. The word on the street was that Google Contacts will be eventually the start for future CRM development, but the conference was very quite on this issue. However the hope is still there in form of Google Marketplace and new amazing tools for developers, which should fuel the market of new applications for businesses as well. Android operating system for smart phones is generally very fit for business user, but here the decision can not be based on software package only. The role of the hardware, battery life, CPU and other parameters can't be underestimated. The good news are that a variety of Android based phones is growing every day. We surely will follow closely the next steps of this software giant.

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